Release the power of your bookings

with a robust Property Management System


Our feature rich calendar is designed to make it easier for you to book your rooms and achieve more reservations. We bet this tool will save you precious time that could, surely enough, be spent elsewhere! 

Control Panel
Have an easy and quick access to accurate information, any time. All the data you need, in one panel! You can see your bookings, customers, invoicing, payments, statistics etc. Everything now, with just one click!
Cloud application
Be everywhere! Have an access everywhere with your computer (PC), tablet, or mobile phone. What’s better? There is no setup required and you have a daily backup, plus all your information, everywhere!
Channel Synchronization
It is actually really simple: All your reservations are automatically added to the system and all the cancellations are deducted from your reservation plan the exact moment they are made. So, for the first time, you have real time knowledge of your booking changes!
All your rooms are in
Being organized has become easier than ever! You just insert all your room types, the amount of rooms for each type and you have a clear view of your vacancies. This in turn gives you the freedom to create the booking plan that suits you. All well organized and tidy!


Manage all your bookings made either through the channels, or your website, or the phone. Now, you are the manager of them all!

Clients who trust us
Babis Kafouros
Villa Lukas – Santorini

I monitor my reservations quickly and easy.

Nikos Kanales
Asteras Paradise - Paros

I know every change made in my reservations plan in real time.

Kostas Katopodis
Saint Thomas Village – Lefkada

I form the reservations plan of my hotel the way it suits me.

Play all your reservations at your fingertips

per month
Save 15%
per year
2 Years
Save 25%
two years

Rest assured that your room rates and availabilities are automatically synchronized  across all channels

One point of reference for everything. Free up more time to engage with your guests

 Frequently Asked Questions
You can find all answers here if you need them

Given that you have our Booking Engine and Channel Manager, all the reservations made through your website or through any connected channel are automatically inserted to PMS and are saved at the first available room in the system. You have the option to transfer your reservation to another room available, if you want to, and make any changes or insert additional data. The only case you will need to insert a reservation on your own is if you receive an “offline” reservation by telephone or by email.

Yes, our Booking System gives you the option to create invoices or receipts whenever you want to, for the reservations made in the system.

No, the PMS system can function independently, but it can also be combined with our other services. PMS can function, while having just the Booking Engine, so that the reservations made through your website are automatically inserted to PMS.  It can also function, having just the Channel Manager , so that the reservations made through your channels are automatically inserted to the system.